The Saturday Morning cuppa

If you are in need of a caffeine fix and want something a little different to the usual. This  little coffee shop found close to the Glen shopping centre is for you. Don’t get your expectations high on it being a specialty coffee destination or an artisanal roaster. Come with the idea to enjoy a cuppa with a friend over an easy breakfast. Well, that’s what I certainly found when visiting “Lab style coffee bar” situated in East cliff, Johannesburg South.

Lab Style Coffee Bar has taken to the concept of having your different espresso-based beverages inside beakers and other laboratory equipment. A bottle for that, tube for this and lab stand to hold the brew… A nice little edge in presenting coffee and hot beverages in a different way. The overall feel of the shop is quite relaxed with plenty of space to sit back and get some work done or catch up with a friend. The food is on the affordable side and sure to be a light breakfast or brunch options. The concept of a Laboratory into coffee shop is a unique one with some interesting ideas shown off during your experience there. Its definitely worth the stop by if you’re in the area.

The coffee itself left me wanting more, but this may be because my expectation where of more on an artisanal coffee bar, perhaps with a signature blend of beans or different single origins to choose from. However, once expectation were put to the side one can enjoy a cup of coffee with a meal. Like I have said before nothing to the level of specialty but still enjoyable. The cappuccino I had the usual taste profile.  The unique element being the cup it was served in or should I say beaker. Definitely something worth taking a pic of. There is a lot of potential to take this concept further and create some really unique recipes with it. Something I hope to see in the future are different brew method such as Chemex, pour over or V60 on display for one to try or watch the making of. 

In relation to service, it was enjoyable knowing our waiter was available when needed, otherwise kept their distance insuring covid-19 safe distance and not hassling you too often, allowing one to enjoy your coffee. Overall, it was pleasant time spent at the Lab Style Coffee bar. If you are keen to pay them a visit there open Monday to Saturday. Bring a friend or family along and try a morning cuppa and good conversation. One can’t tell when you’ll find a gem around the corner, well if this coffee bar is around your corner then I would say make the effort and give them a try.